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Bear Creek Hunting Preserve, LLC., 38740 Arlone Road, Hinckley, MN^^55037
Phone: (320) 384-6954
^^^^^Cell: (320) 630-4565^^^^^Fax: (320) 384-6954
Please Note: In order to protect our environment and wildlife, the use of
steel or other non-toxic shot is required at Bear Creek Hunting Preserve.
Welcome to
Bear Creek
Hunting Preserve, LLC.
Your Home for
"Quality Pheasant Hunts"
2019-2020 Corporate Membership
(Please Note: We are not responsible for typographical errors and
all prices are subject to change, especially after January 1st.)
Benefits of Corporate Membership:
q 12 Free Mixed Pheasants (if purchased before Sept. 1)
q Reduced Price for Scratch Birds
q A 10% Discount on Steel Shotgun Shells
q $1.00 Off Regular Non-Member Chukar Price
q $1.00 Off Regular Non-Member Pheasant Price
q Four Free Warm-up Rounds of 25 at the Wobble Trap
q Monthly Billing Available Upon Request
q Catering is available upon request for an additional fee
Corporate Membership Price:
q $900.00 ($968.75 with sales tax)
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